12 January 2019

Slice of Heaven - Nowa pizzeria we Wrocławiu.

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Lubisz fajnie zjeść? Slice of Heaven to nowa pizzeria we Wrocławiu zapewniająca rzeczywiście ciekawą kuchnię. Dysponujemy fajną ekipą kucharzy, którzy są w stanie przygotować bardzo dobre jedzenie. Oczywiście w ofercie posiadamy sporo różnych rodzajów pizzy, ale poza tym zestawy na obiad a nawet makarony, frytki i dużo więcej. Poza możliwością zjedzenia pizzy na miejscu w posiadanym przez nas naprawdę fajnie urządzonym lokalu gwarantujemy dowóz. Każdy z naszych dostawców może pochwalić się specjalnymi termicznymi torbami z ogrzewaniem zapewniającymi utrzymanie odpowiedniej temperatury dowożonych przez nas potraw. Dowóz oferujemy na cały Wrocław w godzinach nocnych, natomiast w ciągu dnia do osiedli znajdujących się niedaleko lokalu. W lokalu gwarantujemy bardzo ciekawą obsługę, która każdego gościa traktuje bardzo fajnie. Poza obsługiwaniem pojedynczych gości zapewniamy poza tym realizację imprez okolicznościowych jak i firmowych. Jesteśmy przekonani, że każdy kto zdecyduje się na skorzystanie z możliwości naszej pizzerii będzie zadowolony zarówno z jakości obsługi jak również z dań, które oferujemy.
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22 October 2017

Bad Credit Repair For A Better Life

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Bad Credit Repair For A Better Life

Everyone seems to be struggling with their credit and they want to know the techniques of how they can do their own credit repair. Car loans, mortgage, credit card problems, and other types of loans pile up to become a huge problem. All these become a huge financial burden on your part.

And your bad credit may be costing you more than you realize. For every loan you make, you are getting higher interest rates than you should have if you have good credit. To illustrate just how bad your situation is, imagine that you're getting a car loan. Let's say you picked the perfect car worth $20,000. If you have good credit and you apply for a car loan, you can get as low as 5% interest payable in 5 years, that's $377.42/month.

However, if you have poor credit, 5% interest rate is nearly impossible to get. If you are in this situation, you will probably be offered 11% interest, If you are suffering from very bad credit, you may need to shoulder 22% interest, that's $552.38/month. If you look into the life of the loan, you will need to shell out as much as $10,497.60 if you have bad credit? for the SAME car! Does this sound unfair? It is a fact of life for people with debt problems.

You have to take control over your financial life but how? The first step starts through learning about credit repair. There are endless possibilities when you learn how to do your own credit repair. Teaching yourself about how credit report works, the credit bureau, and the way consumer credit affects your rating is of utmost importance. These are the basics of credit repair and you need to master it.

Help yourself find ways to achieve better credit through credit repair. Once you become successful, share your secret to others. A lot of law firms charge $1,000/hour for this type of Credit rating consultancy services. You can charge less than $1,000; $130 per hour is a reasonable fee. You will be helping other individuals get out of bad credit and save $870 at the same time.

Law firms will get them deeper into debt but you will get them out of it. And on your part, this is the best way to make money because you are helping others be financially sound as well. Use your knowledge and share your experience. After all, you can best address their situation as you had gone through the same problem.

Credit repair is great for people who want part-time work with full-time income. $130 an hour for part-time work is serious money. Let's say you want to keep your day job, (yes, that's possible) and work 7 hours a week on your business. Your part-time annual income still amounts to $36,000!

Turn this into a full time job and you can make as much as $12,000-$40,000 a month! And your annual income? $144,000-$480,000. Take the first step in credit repair, fix your own credit and offer your services to others.
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Use The New Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans To Protect Your Health

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Use The New Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans To Protect Your Health

Seniors who lived through the Great Depression have an insight that the rest of us are just beginning to realize. You can usually find a silver lining, and make change work to improve your life.

Here's a secret - economic prosperity is not of primary importance in protecting your health. Even the Great Depression, along with past recessions, had a silver lining. Unexpectedly, the evidence is clear that mortality rates actually fell during economic recessions.

Even during the Great Depression, life expectancy in the U.S. actually increased by 6.2 years, according to a University of Michigan study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Life expectancy rose from 57.1 in 1929 to 63.3 years in 1932.

This increase in lifespan occurred for both men and women, and for whites and non-whites. The association between improving health and economic slowdowns was true for all ages, and for every major cause of death except suicide.

The researchers analyzed age-specific mortality rates, and the causes of death that composed about two-thirds of total mortality in the 1930s. That included cancer, cardiovascular disease, influenza, motor vehicle traffic injuries, pneumonia, renal disease, suicide, and tuberculosis.

Mortality rates actually increased, and life expectancy fell during periods of strong economic growth, such as in 1923, 1926, 1929, and 1936-1937. Why? Economic growth increases atmospheric pollution, and that leads to cardiovascular and respiratory mortality. Excessive alcohol consumption, overeating, and smoking all tend to decline during recessions. This brings dramatic improvements in our health, as well.

The real question is why we're blinded by the negative effects of recessions, and fail to recognize the equally real health advantages they spread throughout society.

In the present recession, we're about to see real changes in health care, too. It's important to seize the advantages, and use them to improve your health.

Medicare Supplement Plans Have New Opportunities

Medicare Supplement Plans (also called Medigap Plans) have been primarily the same for the past 17 years. On June 1, 2010, two new plans are being introduced, and there will be other changes to the remaining plans.

The new Medicare Supplement Plans M and N will offer a lower-premium alternative to the existing Medicare Supplement plans. These new plans are expected to be very popular, particularly with the upcoming major changes to the Medicare Advantage program.

Lower Premiums for Medigap Plans

Plan M uses a cost-sharing feature known as co-insurance to keep your monthly premiums lower. That means you are paying part of your bills, in exchange for a lower premium. In exchange for slightly lower monthly premiums, those on Plan M would split the Medicare Part A deductible ($1068 in 2009) with the insurance company 50/50. The insurance company pays half, and you pay the other half.

Plan M does not cover the Medicare Part B deductible, but there are no doctors' office co-pays after you meet the Part B deductible. Most analysts project that this plan's premiums will be about 15 percent lower than that of the current Plan F, which is now the most popular plan.

Plan N also uses cost-sharing to reduce your monthly premiums. Unlike the deductible-sharing method of Plan M, Plan N uses co-pays to help reduce the premium costs. The system of co-pays is set at $20 for doctors' visits, and $50 for emergency room visits. It is currently projected that this co-pay system will take effect after the Medicare Part B deductible is met. This plan should provide 30-percent-lower premiums than the popular Medigap Plan F premiums.

These new Medicare Supplement Plans can be really helpful to people who are leaving the Medicare Advantage program because the Medicare Advantage premiums are expected to increase in the near future. If you're unhappy with the changes in Medicare Advantage Plans, take a look at the new Medicare Supplement Plans. You may find unexpected opportunities to make your life better even where you least expect them.
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Healthcare Bill And It's Impact On Medicare

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Healthcare Bill And It's Impact On Medicare

The Senate Health Bill has been grabbing headlines for months as members of the Senate continue to debate spending, bill allotments, and the merits of improved or universal healthcare coverage. The latest iteration of this bill in late November and included a price tag of $849 billion, according to the Congressional Budget Office. $200 billion alone would be set aside to help cover doctors' fees so that they would not suffer from a drastic cut back to reimbursement rates.

Much in keeping with the diversity of American opinion, this bill has come with more than its fair share of controversy, sparking heated debates on both sides of the political aisle.

Bill controversy

Democrats and Republicans are sharply divided over the merits and allocations included in this healthcare bill. The final vote on the bill showcased this division; the voting results were nearly entirely along party lines. In the 243 to 183 win by the Democratic-controlled House, only 11 Democrats voted against the bill and only one Republican voted for the bill. That Republican is also an obstetrician - Rep. Michael Burgess of Texas.
Republicans called the $200 billion allocation to cover doctors' fees a political payoff and labeled it as the Democrats' way of thanking physicians for their support of President Obama's healthcare overhaul.

What's included in the bill and how will it affect Americans?

The new healthcare bill, which will go into effect in 2010, is said to provide coverage to 94 percent of Americans. The bill is also estimated to cut the federal deficit by $127 billion during its first ten years. In its second decade, the bill is estimated to cut the federal deficit by as much as $650 billion. Over a 20-year period, it is believed that the bill would cut the federal deficit by $777.

However, in order to cut this deficit, the bill will reduce payments for Medicare plans and cut spending in a wide variety of other areas. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that seniors on Medicare will have to pay $49 billion in higher healthcare premiums over the next 10 years, passing along much of the healthcare expenses to Medicare beneficiaries.

Additionally, because of reduced payments and services covered by the bill, the Congressional Budget Office estimates that Americans will see a $195 billion price increase in doctors' fees for those doctors who treat Medicare patients. With only a percentage of those fees being covered by Medicare, patients themselves will have to make up the difference out of their pockets. TRICARE (the military healthcare program) beneficiaries would see an increase in fees by about $64 billion for non-military physicians who see patients enrolled in the TRICARE program.

How can Americans protect themselves from these price increases?

While it may be impossible to predict exactly how this bill will impact Americans and their pocketbooks until the bill is fully approved and implemented, Americans would be wise to begin looking for alternative healthcare solutions. Many Americans on Medicare may want to investigate alternatives to Original Medicare plans, including Medicare Advantage Plans.

Also, as healthcare prices increase, so will the prices of prescription medications and other medical services. Therefore, many Medicare beneficiaries would benefit by enrolling in Medicare Supplement insurance plans to help cover the cost of price increases and of items that are not covered by Original Medicare plans.

Managing the national healthcare system has proved to be a challenge and a politically derisive topic - especially over the past year. While changes are inevitable and are sure to impact every American, Americans can help to protect their health and their pocketbooks by focusing on maintaining or improving their health in controllable ways. Enrolling in affordable healthcare programs, such as a Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplemental insurance program, may also help to save Americans a significant amount of money at the doctor's office.
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8 Tips to Get your Career on the Right Track

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8 Tips to Get your Career on the Right Track

Our hectic, everyday schedule is could cause us to lose our direction when it comes to our career. One bad decision lead to another could just cause it to go nowhere or worst, you might even loose it. Not taking good care of you career could even lead to a credit card lawsuit, even if you were careful with your money.
Thankfully, there are a few things that you can do to help make sure your career is on the right road. Below are a few tips.
Read, Read, Read
Never stop reading books, journals, articles and magazines related to your work or anything that interests you. Reading is vital since it's one way for use to learn new news, updates, studies and innovations. It also lets us keep up with what's going on.
Get Hooked on the News
Although some people find it depressing to watch the news, it's always a good idea to know what's going on. The great thing about the news these days is that you can get updates at any time you want. Technology has made it easier for us to know what's going on and it makes it seem like the current news is something that's happening right in front of us.
Ether you read on or you follow one. Blogs are a great, innovative way to learn new things and it's not as heavy as reading a journal. They're short, interesting and covers a much wider scope in a light way. You can go online and check out the countless topics from millions of bloggers, writing about credit card lawsuit to managing rose gardens.
Social Media
Almost everyone has a Facebook, Twitter, or Tumbler account. We log into these sites to post their status, share what's on their mind or just ask a random question. This shouldn't be taken for granted since you can actually get to know someone better by reading their post. And like the news, you can also update yourself with information by just checking out your news feed.
At Work
Make friends with your co-workers. You have to be a good team player and make sure you do your part in obtaining the team's goals. Be friendly and play nice since you're going to have a difficult time reaching the top if your workmates find you a bit too uptight and dislike your attitude.
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Loans With Bad Credit- Where Poor Credit Is No Issue

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Loans With Bad Credit- Where Poor Credit Is No Issue

Do you need urgent cash to fill your fiscal gap? Is your poor credit score stopping you from asking for financial help? Don?t feel shy, as loans for bad credit is especially for people who have a stained credit past. Apply for the cash as and when you want and use the money the way you like. Pay your pending household and grocery bills, pay your child's tuition fee, send money for your ailing mother and so on.

A poor credit person has to face embarrassment time and again at the hand of lenders and bankers. Therefore, this facility is a boon for people who are suffering from adverse credit troubles like CCJs, defaults, late payments, IVA, arrears and Bankruptcy etc.

Loans with bad credit can be availed in two ways: secured way and unsecured way. The secured form gives financial support that ranges from ?200 to ?25000. This sum can be settled back in the time duration of 1 to 25 years comfortably. A person who has a guarantee to give like a home, a car, stock papers to put at stake can go with this option.

While the unsecured form comes at a slightly higher rate of interest due to the risk factor for the lender. There is no clause of a security here. The amount that can be fetched form this form ranges from ?1000 to ?25000 which can be repaid in the time gap of 1 to 10 years.

Application for the fund can be done suitably from the comfort of your home or office. Pick the option you feel is perfect for you. Fill the online form and submit it. After the verification, you would get an instant approval. You would get the money into your account.

Your time and energy would be saved as the documentation needed is also least. The lenders don?t harass the borrower with undue faxing and filling of unnecessary papers.
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Refinance For People With Bad Credit

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Refinance For People With Bad Credit

Unfortunately bad credit refinance has been on the rise for the last two or three years for many reasons; but one major reason stands out why lenders refinance for people with bad credit. It is because the qualification terms have loosened up more in the last few years.

Yes, it seems that lenders are not as strict as before and maybe that is for the sake of increasing business. But I think it fired back at both ends on the borrower and the lender. Just take a look around your neighborhood or the town you live in for foreclosures.

Bad credit refinance is not easy to obtain but they are not impossible. The most challenging part about getting a refinance with bad credit is finding a lender that will understand your problem and be willing to help. And the reason I say it is not impossible is because if you think about it, even borrowers with bad credit can secure a refinanced loan with reasonable interest rates if they have collateral which is usually your house. That way the bank or other lender can secure their money in case things go wrong.

The conventional lenders will normally not lend you another loan if you have bad credit, so you have to go to lenders who are willing to do that. Those special lenders realize that there are more people than ever who have bad credit for reasons like,

- Paying high interest rate and can not sustain payments any longer

- People lose their jobs

- People become physically disabled and get paid less or lose their jobs

- Divorce in a family

And because these problems are becoming more common there will be lenders who are willing to let you remortgage with bad credit to clear up your financial difficulties; but there is a high price that comes with it. The issue here is that those willing lenders are likely to charge you a high interest rate and maybe some other penalty fees.

Credit Counseling for Refinance for people with bad credit

Recognizing your debt is one thing and trying to correct it yourself is another thing. For some individuals they can handle the managing tasks, but for many it is not only ?too many things to do? but they lack the skill of understanding financial issues as well. Ask yourself this question, do you have the skills and the stamina of negotiating with lenders? If not then here are few factors to consider for handling your debt management with a credit counseling service?

In many instances it is best to see a credit specialist(s) where they can give you practical advice on how to consolidate your debt(s) and possibly refinance so you can reduce the interest rate and the amount of monthly payment while you pay off your debt efficiently.

Credit counseling charges a fee for their service, however, you should ask for a free initial consultation to let them know about your finance situation and if it is workable.

Things you should expect from a good credit counseling service
* Discussing your present financial situation
* Giving you with a detailed review of your income, assets and expenses.
* Give you some personalized options based on your objectives and your financial capability; this is sometimes called the financial management plan. * Do they provide a service of negotiating on your behalf with lenders for remortgage with both a reasonable interest rate and monthly payments.
* If not, do they provide referrals (of lenders) where they can send you to these referrals?

You should feel comfortable and clear at the end of the counseling session by knowing what options are available to you and how to execute them.

What to expect from lenders

When you apply for bad credit remortgages and yes, lenders do have a special department or specialist who specializes in bad credit remortgage. Borrowers should realize the following:

Bad credit refinance is different from the traditional remortgage loan where you have a good credit standing.

A bad credit refinance will normally have a much higher interest rate than a loan for someone with a clean credit history.

Even though bad credit refinance has a higher interest rate, in many cases, it is worth applying for. This brings us to the next point?

When you are paying credit card debts that usually have a very high interest rate and are consolidating into one bill through a lower interest rate of bad credit remortgage, it is a still a good deal.

Example: if you are paying several high credit card balances with a 16% to 24% interest rate, then if you want to refinance even with bad credit that charges something around 14% it is still a good deal. And you only have to deal with ONE bill.

Another important point that we sometimes overlook has to do with how the interest rate is compounded. The mortgage rates are compounded semiannually, while credit card debts are commonly compounded monthly.
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Is Consolidation A Good Choice For Borrowers?

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Is Consolidation A Good Choice For Borrowers?

Many debt consolidation companies are interested in binding you with loan deals rather than solving your financial problems. In such a scenario, some critics say that debt consolidation process has lost its utility and sheen. However, if you use this process judiciously and take care of your finances, you can very well derive benefits out of it.

If you have multiple debts and too many pending credit card bills, you need a big loan amount to consolidate them. Obviously, this may require you to pledge your home because lenders do not provide more than ?20-25,000 without your home being put forward as a security. It is easy for the homeowners to take out secured loans and consolidate their debts. Just take care that you do not borrow further until you completely recover out of your financial problems.

Secured loans are available in the UK with many lenders. You can compare loans available with building societies, high street lenders, private online lenders, etc. These loans create a second charge against your home. You can avail them for long periods depending upon your requirements. Those borrowers who have several pending loans prefer to take out secured loans for consolidating their debts.

If you take out secured loans for debt consolidation purpose, you can save some money also. Generally, these loans have a low rate of interest. And, if you use these loans to repay your credit card bills and other high interest debts, it would be beneficial for you. It might result in some savings. Anyhow, you should compare loans before finalising the deal. Just make it sure that you are taking a loan at competitive rate of interest with flexible terms and conditions. You can also use secured loans for many other purposes. These loans are suitable for long term borrowing and big occasions requiring big loan amount.
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Financial Sales Vs Financial Planning - What You Need To Know

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Financial Sales Vs Financial Planning - What You Need To Know

One of the challenges we face as Fee Based Planners and Wealth Managers is how do doctors and dentists get to know about Graeme and Ray and the job we do?

After all, we know (and our existing clients tell us), that we are providing our clients with exactly the kind of service they want, and they love the way we work for them and not the product provider.

But of course how would a dentist in Yorkshire or a doctor in Surrey get to know this? One method that has seen success is that we are prominent in the major search engines (especially google). So, for example, if you search for 'financial advice for dentists/doctors' (without quotes) you should see us up there towards the top.

And this is where the story starts. One of the calls received in December was from a dentist in the Durham area. I referred to this client in an earlier newsletter, but the essence was this.

An Independent Financial Adviser, well known as someone who targets the dental market, had visited the caller - let's call him John - and had asked him a few questions, and John had told him what he thought were his priorities, and the adviser had made some notes.

Apparently, after about an hour, the adviser said "OK. What I recommend is that you invest �2,500 per month into a personal pension plan". John was already paying almost �500 per month into a couple of personal pension plans on top of his considerable NHS Pension, and so he asked if that meant it would be �2,000 in addition to these.

You may have guessed the answer...

"Oh no, it will be a new plan for �2,500 and we will stop the others, and I have the paperwork here". John looked at his wife (let's call her Jan), and said he would think about it. So that's how it was left when I received John's call.

He expressed his concerns at the indecent haste in coming to a big decision like this, and when he had turned to the back page of his pension plan quotation, he was staggered to see that this adviser would be PAID �19.500, YES �19,500 for this sale! John was not comfortable with this at all, and had the distinct impression that the adviser was more interested in the sale than him.

We suggested that, as John had read about what we do on our website, he could come in to our office with his wife, and I would demonstrate how we could help them. Like all our new clients, they were given some homework to do before our meeting, and they emailed me these before we met.

This information includes "what do you need to achieve in life and when" and "what progress have you made so far", based on the value of the practice/investments/Income etc.

After all, what could be more important than that?

John had very clear goals, and when we met it became increasingly obvious to him how different we worked (compared with the other adviser), and to his delight he felt that he had found someone he could work with.

Keeping it simple here - John and his wife, who is 9 years older, wanted to buy a cottage in the North West where they loved to holiday, and for John to slow down at age 50, as Jan would be retiring.

The question of course is "do we have enough wealth to be able to do this, or will we run out of money before we die?". Time and time again, the vital aspect of any planning had been missing from John and Jan's life - MEASUREMENT.

Having demonstrated the cash flow forecasts we use to help clients with this all important context, John and Jan now understood why we recommend this approach. If you don't know where you are, and you don't know where you are going, how do you know when you get there?

So we all shook hands, and I told them that we would meet again at their Strategy Meeting after two or three months.

Our strategy meeting was a week ago, and this was the result after studying their cash flow forecasts, and devising a strategy:

- Pension - stop all pension planning apart from the NHS. This saves �500 per month gross.

- Offset Mortgage - create an extra borrowing facility of �200,000 to buy a cottage now as a cash buyer. Increase payments to ensure all debt paid off by age 50.

- Look to raise more finance from the practice - accountant to comment on this, as a lower rate here than residential debt after tax relief. Potential savings of �25,000 over 15 years.

- Equity ISAs - use the spare income to invest monthly for the long term to create an accessible tax efficient 'retirement pot'.

- Wills - checked and various comments made by specialist solicitor.

- Lasting Power of Attorney - solicitor to action to ensure if one person incapacitated the other could take over their affairs.

- Life cover - overall level checked as ok, but for the same cost they could have individual cover instead of joint cover.

- Fill in NHS death in service form DB1 - this to earmark Jan as the Beneficiary.

- Income Protection - we changed one plan John had that was not occupation specific to a company that did protect him as a dentist.

- Inheritance Tax - existing pension fund had spouse as beneficiary. As we knew that Jan would not need this money, the children were nominated as the beneficiaries. Potential IHT saving here circa �25,000.

- Existing Pension Fund - this was transferred to a risk assessed portfolio, as it was way out of line with their risk tolerance levels.

- Annual Review - this to ensure they are kept on track, and to take into account any changes in their life.

The result? Very happy clients who now know exactly where they are, and exactly where they are going. The spare income they have is now concentrated in exactly the right areas.

The total cost, including investment implementation came to �4,750. This compared to the salesman's �19,500 for one pension plan, no strategy, no measurement, and ignored or more likely missed the other issues that needed dealing with.

Chalk and cheese!

Key Considerations:Be aware that the vast majority of advisers are, in our experience, paid only when they advise you to take out a policy. Since this is the case, the old saying of 'if you only have a hammer, everything looks like a nail' comes to mind.

They also do a totally different job. It's like comparing a Senior House Officer to a Senior Surgeon.

Action Point

If you have an existing adviser, or are looking for one you can trust; be very clear about what type of person you want to deal with.

Would you want to use a dentist who does not bother to say "open wide please" but proceeds to recommend treatment?

If you want to have a diagnosis before prescription, find a Fee Based Planner who works for you, and you will be assured that they will do a holistic planning job to optimise your financial affairs.

One tip - the next time you speak to your/an adviser, ask what type of cash flow forecast system they use. If there is a long pause - you will know!
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How to Register in The Forex

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How to Register in The Forex

Over the years there has been a substantial rise in the forex trading and it has been estimated that it is going to increase in the coming years. Seeing the popularity of the forex trading more number of people wants to have a taste of the forex market investments and the earning opportunities. With the passage of time the people are coming to know about the forex market and it is the most lucrative business investment of all the existing trades. A large number of the Forex investors have been in the business of forex trading have tasted huge success and are making huge money. Earlier all these forex managers and the brokers do not have any kind of registration or the regulations because at that time there was no such hard and fast rules of the forex trading. Now, these days the forex traders have to register themselves with the Commodity future Trading Commission (in short CFTC) with the help of the National Futures Association (NFA). Some Years ago The Government passed a bill which involved new set of rules and regulations for the forex trading market.
The CFTC issues the proposed plans of the rules and the regulations for the trade forex market. For quite some time there is a time for the reconsideration of the rules. Once the rules and the regulations are accepted then the only thing which is required is the registration of the forex investors. The NFA will be held responsible for the different features of the registration process and they have by now released a great deal of information for the process of registration. The companies which are applying for the registration categories will certainly want to go through the normal NFA procedures of the registration. All these applications take around one month for the approval.
Once the forex trader is registered then probably it is not that this is the end of all the procedures and working. The process of registration is comparatively uncomplicated and be completed quite easily. Submission of the forex documents and the approval must also be an easy experience. The Law organizations and the firms can come to your assistance for the registration process.
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